All in one Analytics and Feedback!

Your website should be working hard for your business. But Is it?

Now you can record your website visitors’ moves, clicks, scrolls and time spent on site. Play it back, analyze site problems, chat with your customers and increase your conversion rate. But that’s not all you can do there is more!

Understand what your visitors really want.

Real time Dashboard

Unparalleled accuracy. Genuine impact.

How many people are currently on your website right now and where did they come from?

Webeye dashboard gives you real-time list on who’s currently online, their source, browser among others. But the best part is you can play whatever they’re doing in real time, ask them to chat or even play it back later.A great SEO Compliments.

So what’s better buying more traffic or making use of the current ones?

Heat maps

How do visitors interact with your website?

Do they Click on what you want them to? What are they looking at and how long do they scroll?

Webeye heat maps tracks across multiple devices and are segmented across location, browsers, dates, clicks and more.

Stop guessing why visitors leave your site. Learn priceless information from observing your potential customers. And improve your pages to show your visitors what they want to see.

Find out all of that in our heatmaps.

Session Replay

What does your users See?

What do they do once they land on your Site? Where do they come from?

Wouldn’t you love a platform that records everything that users do once they land onto your website, every click, scroll and movement?

WebEye records visitor’s sessions exactly as they happened and you can Play, pause, speed, skip idle activity and jump to any page of the visitor’s session.

Discover what captures their attention, and uncover how they move through your pages.

See what your visitors See..

There is still much more that’s not listed here. Explore More Features..

It’s quick and easy. No credit card required.

Live Chat

Message your customers in Real time.

Customers want prompt support. Live chat is the easiest and fastest way for the customer to contact you.

Integrating customer engagement software with your website is simply the best way to give one-on-one support to your customers in real time.

Webeye is a fully responsive, it fits the look of your current site and looks great across all devices. The best part is it alerts you when you have a visitor on site.

Connect with Customers Anywhere! Engage website visitors and get more leads.

Build better relationships.

Conversion Funnel

Where are visitors Dropping Off?

Why are Visitors Not Converting? Where are you Losing them?

What is Conversion Funnel? It’s a way or idea of converting potential customers into paying customers.

Discover what’s working and what’s not in your funnel by using advanced stats to find losing pages and pain points in your conversion process.

Watch and filter recordings of your customer’s journey; where they’re getting confused and dropping out. Then create an optimal path to increase conversion rates.

Identify Pain Points in your conversion process.

Form Analytics

Collect and analyze form visitors’ behavior.

How do users interact with your forms? How long do they take?

Measure your users’ interactions with your website forms and identify which ones are causing most friction and abandonment.

Webeye gives you 5 distinct reports that helps you to identify; abandonment, time spent before filling forms, forms field filling time, order of which they fill and repeated fields.

Get behavioral insight on your forms and Smoothen the path to conversion.

See what’s working and what’s not.

There is still much more that’s not listed here. Explore More Features..

It’s quick and easy. No credit card required.