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Migrate to O365

Easily migrate to Office 365

Welcome to secure and hassle-free migration..

Dellcotech offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to migrate to Office 365 including email, contacts, calendars, tasks, files and data. We make migration to Office 365 easier than before.

The program lets you seamlessly move mail to the Cloud, with the help of easy configuration, status reports and log files for each migrated item. Any mail server is supported as a source of migration, provided that IMAP access is enabled and you are able to provide a list of credentials to access users’ mailboxes.

Our Program lets you enjoy full service availability with no downtime. That is, you still continue to use your mailbox as data is being copied to office 365. At the same time, we have a convenient scheduler that allows us to schedule which mailboxes are migrated first and which ones are next.

Direct migrations from older versions of Exchange, e.g. 2003 or 2007 are fully supported.

Built to make your move Secure

We ensure that the process is both easy and secure.

Migrating your organization to Office 365 is a big step. It may raise a lot of concerns about the data safety and integrity, as data on the move may be at a much greater risk than when it resides calmly in your environment.

Our Migration process does not involve any other third-party product. After installation and configuration of our program in your environment data is sent directly to the cloud from the source server. No data is accessible from outside the organization. Also, our application does not modify or delete any source items this guarantees no accidental data loss.
Data on migration is always fully encrypted. Secure connection ensures that your data is not intercepted or viewed after hitting the Internet. Only mailbox owners can access the content of their mailboxes. Remote connection to your network is also not allowed.

Our Process

  • Meet-Up

    We take the time to understand your exact requirements before beginning a planning phase where a road-map and strategy will be established.

  • Planning

    Assurance of the migration plan, preparation of all assets and definite timetable and plan. It concludes with approval of the migration schedule.

  • Migration

    Mutually agreed-upon, application and server set are used as we continuously analyze risks to ensure minimal service disruption and downtime.

  • Support

    We provide support after the new environment has been rolled out into production to improve performance and ensure a smooth transition.