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IT Audit | IT Consulting Services


Technology is certainly one of those concepts that business leaders can take for granted as long as the organization is running. 

IT Audits are necessary to evaluate organization’s current IT framework, policies, operations and how to make most out of it.

Running a business does come with risks but with the right insight you can not only assess risks but also identify & evaluate controls.

How effectively is your Organization protecting information assets and how can you improve internal controls and security?

Our Process

  • Review

    Your IT systems are meant to power your business and set your company up for success. Our team meets with you to understand your business history, current IT infrastructure and set up.

  • Audit

    Our team carries out a physical audit of your IT Infrastructure to identify the strengths, weakness and benchmark them against relevant standards and best practices.

  • Reporting

    A detailed report is given based on the audit findings, conclusions and recommendations. Don’t let outdated, inefficient, or vulnerable IT systems hold your company back.

When it comes to ICT performance and availability, prevention is always better than cure.
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Virtualization | IT Consulting Services

To simplify IT operations and allow IT department to respond faster to changing business demands business are moving towards virtualization.

At Dellcotech we are proud partners of Citrix and VMWare because they power business mobility through secure, personal workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud.
Whether you are virtualizing your entire datacenter of servers, or considering desktop and application virtualization for your employees, Dellcotech will works with you to create a virtual environment that will help you reduce IT expenses while boosting operational efficiency.

As well as delivering complete Virtualization projects, we also work alongside your in-house IT team to complement your skills, experience and provide additional resources and manpower.
Virtualization is better for people, better for IT and better for business

Go virtual and take advantage of information technology like never before.
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Network Design & Setup | IT Consulting Services

IT infrastructure interconnection is more like a nervous system, a small cabling issue may cause the whole network to break down.

With the increasing importance on internet services (Data backup, recovery and applications) high quality network cabling installations and expertise are a necessity.

The basics of network cabling can sound simple as cables simply connect one system to another, however, in order to ensure full bandwidth potential network cabling and Ethernet wiring systems need to be properly designed, installed, and administered.

Dellcotech does not just install hardware, software, and other network components within a network. We closely work with you when designing and installing network cabling in order to create a network that meets your changing business needs. Paying attention to carefully integrating each component resulting in the creation of a network that is completely cohesive.

Future-proof your network Today.
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