Cloud Backup made Simple.

What would it profit a man if he gain all the data in the world, and loses it all in a hard drive crash?

Dellcotech cloud backup is Fast, secure, reliable, flexible and cost effective.

A cloud backup that puts you in control..

Back It Up!

What’s the most important thing in your business today?

Well for many of us Data is one of our most vital business assets. It plays an increasingly major role in decision making but unfortunately, majority of SMEs don’t protect their critical data. Resulting to severe consequences when their data is lost or compromised.

Losing data happens all the time Laptops get stolen, PCs crashes, and even systems fail. Getting data back is more complicated, especially when it fails. The truth is predictable recovery takes time.

To ensure business continuity following a hardware failure or any unplanned downtime organizations today have a well-defined backup processes in place. Backup as a Service(BaaS) ensure your data stays safe and sound. Protecting your brand and reputation.

Wise are those who backup, for their data will be safe in the the day of trouble...

Fast, Easy & Reliable

A good backup solution quickly revives your network in case of a failure making sure your business gets back up and running quickly. That’s Dellcotech BaaS, a powerful business continuity platform designed to ensure that you don’t become another statistic.
With continuous data protection and block level protection Dellcotech Baas Combines performance, quality and reliability Protecting your entire IT infrastructure with backup support for physical servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, PCs, Mac computers, mobile devices, and applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office 365 mailboxes.
Dellcotech Backup is a highly customizable, cost-effective solution that integrates easily with your existing business automation platform or operates as a powerful stand-alone platform. Data recovery can be done on the same hardware or different hardware from the cloud.

Don’t wait till it’s too late...

Why Dellcotech BaaS ?


SSL encryption for management channels and AES-256 encryption for data in-transit and at-rest.


Manage Data easily and remotely from our web based console designed to save you time and money.


A single unified platform that supports; physical and virtual servers, PCs and mobile devices data.

User Roles

Easy to manage groups and policies for departments and individuals based on job roles.


Run a backup directly to the cloud or copy an existing backup – continuously, or on a schedule.

Click and restore

Restore your files easily by log in to your account from any web-connected device in a few clicks.