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Email Signature Branding

Does your email signature represent your brand as it should?

Companies spend hundreds of thousands on designing and maintaining their brand image, using logos, signage, business cards and videos to draw attention to their brand. 

Yet when it comes to the everyday email, the most common touch point with customers and prospects, the all-important brand is so often left to the whims of the email sender.

  • Looks & Feel

    Just like your business cards, every email leaving your company should be consistently branded with correct colors, logos, social media links, and contact details

  • User Rights

    Give specific individuals editing rights for signature designs and make others normal users to avoid tampering.

  • Multiple Designs

    Configure multiple email signature designs and apply them to different department, groups and even individuals.

Email Signature Advertising

Be Fearlessly Authentic..

Even with the invasion of chat rooms, email is the most common form of business communication globally.Take advantage of a prime advertising space on every everyday email you send! 

Turn every single email you send out into an advertising opportunity to promote your latest product or company news by easily adding promos/ banners on company mail.

  • Design Options

    Create and Configure specific adverts to be added to signatures based on sender and/or recipient details.

  • User Rights

    Give specific individuals editing rights for signature adverts and make others normal users to avoid tampering.

  • Device Optimization

    Inconsistent mail signatures are annoying. Keep your branded email signature consistent across all devices by creating scalable advertisements to suit any device.

Mobile Email Signature

Stay True to your brand..regardless of the device.

Today it’s all about going mobile.. Everyone has a smartphone is more likely to use it for work purposes.

The biggest issue is most of these emails sent from smartphones lacks company branding they end with “sent from my iPhone” or “sent from my android” even worse, they lack any professional contact details.

Dellcotech Mail Signature is installed at the server-level thus – maintaining consistency across the entire company.

  • Allow BYOD

    Let employees bring their own devices to the office and set up their work mail with no branding issues to worry about.

  • Maintain Consistency

    We all love our smartphones but hey we have to stay true to the brand. Ensure all emails from mobile devices are professional.

  • No User Input

    Mobile email signatures are managed centrally and therefore require no individual device setting up.

Email Disclaimer

Easily define the disclaimers added to every email..

Adding disclaimers to email, sent both externally and internally, helps to minimize legal exposure. Issues like defamation, misdirected emails and unintended contract formations make disclaimers important to have.

Policies are becoming more common as Internet security tightens. Unfortunately, it takes just one stray email to render a company susceptible to being fined. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that every single email leaving your company is compliant.

  • Placement

    Disclaimer should be inserted below the most recently typed text rather than at the bottom of the thread to ensure relevancy.

  • User Rights

    Give specific individuals editing rights for signature disclaimers and make others normal users to avoid tampering.

  • Device Optimization

    Keep your email disclaimer compliant and consistent across all devices. Ensure that every email leaving your company is legally compliant.

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