Fully Managed IT Services

Lack of attention to your company’s IT systems can trigger a wide range of critical problem, leading to business processes slowing down and eventually lots of costly downtime.

Dellcotech Managed IT enables you to run your business more effectively, control costs, improve employee productivity and grow your business.

Because your IT infrastructure matters

System Support & Monitoring | Managed IT

System problems can cause numerous impacts on any business. Dellcotech Managed IT Team main priority is to make sure your systems are up and running as effortlessly and effectively as possible.

With better system performance, minimal downtime, superior software, installation of updates and upgrades, you have peace of mind knowing that the health of your networks and overall IT systems are monitored and maintained.

When it comes to ICT performance and availability, prevention is always better than cure.
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Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery | Managed IT

If you’re in business today, then you rely on your IT infrastructure to get the job done. In fact, without it, most businesses would be out of business. Which begs the question, have you thought about what you’ll do to ensure access to your data and information systems if the unthinkable were to happen?

Every business is unique and has its own needs when it comes to Data Backup and Disaster Recovery. That’s why the Dellcotech Team will work with you to develop a customized Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan based on your business and its unique needs.

You do not need to invest in your own data center and operations facilities to create your Disaster Recovery site. We provide you with alternative affordable Data Backup & Data Recovery Solutions that will give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your core strategic issues.

Making sure your mission-critical applications and data are always available.
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Managed Data Security & Data Protection | Managed IT


Every company has Secrets on how to remain competitive and relevant.

How protected is your Company Confidential Data? Is it in your email the one that you’ve never changed password since the IT Team created for you?  Or in your Company’s Network that has a 1234 as a Password? can an internal User, your managed Hosting provider or better yet your Competitor easily access it?

The backbone of your company quite simply is the data it maintains. Whether it is your customers’ personal information or your last month’s billing, you need to ensure this information is not only backed up but also secure. The cost of lost or stolen information is dramatic.

Knowing that your business secrets are protected will improve your everyday work, as well as give confidence about organization’s ability to work in a long term. Dellcotech Team gives you a full range of data protection, data management, and encryption solutions that secures and controls your Data.

Ensure the future of your business.Protect your data..
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Communication & Collaboration | Managed IT

Not long ago, achieving collaboration meant breaking down cubical and office walls and pushing employees to work together 24/7. Today, companies are placing more of an emphasis on balance: enabling employees to collaborate when and where they need to, but also letting them take advantage of alone time to brainstorm and complete individual tasks.

Connect your teams in real time with the Skype experiences they love, from the Office applications they use every day. Now, simplify your infrastructure with one platform in Office 365 for calling, conferencing, video,organizing and,sharing.

Worry less.Work Easier. Work together.
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