Email Marketing

We send the kind of emails people can’t ignore.

Should you choose Dellcotech to be your full-service email marketing partner, our project managers will work with you and our team of graphic designers and copywriters to create emails that click with your customers. We can reduce development time, create relevant and personal messages and ensure that every email campaign is optimized for performance, whatever your goals may be. Our team members are skilled in best practices for responsive email design and coding techniques, and each email campaign will undergo thorough testing to ensure rendering across all major browsers and email clients.

Services Offered

Email marketing consulting

Our consulting services will ensure that you are keeping to Industry best practices with all of your email marketing campaigns. Choose from a range of services that are guaranteed to improve your campaign results. 

Email marketing training

A comprehensive range of training courses run from our offices or your own desk that will ensure that all of your staff are achieving the best possible results from the campaigns they are running.

Email marketing health checks

Full evaluation of your campaigns to ensure that you are using the best industry practices and that are packed full of practical tips and advice.

Email template design

Our team of experienced graphic designers will produce customised and hard coded templates that will ensure your email campaigns are the most effective.

Microsite design and landing page design

Fully branded and persuasive designs that will increase response rates by 30% helping you achieve maximum returns from your campaigns.

Data capture & social media intregation

Creation and expansion of your date capture and maximising the channels used including using social media to enhance your database.

Email data lists

Legally compliant email data list advisory service for when you wish to rent or purchase a email list.

Online survey templates

Let us create fully customised and branded questionnaires or forms to build new contacts and for engaging & listening to clients.

To discuss our email marketing services and how they can add value to your organisation, call us now on 0723 226163, or