Deliver engaging teaching and learning experiences to anyone, anytime, anywhere

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom expands your teaching reach beyond a traditional classroom’s four walls. Reach anyone from working adults to full-time students, no matter where they are in the world, as long as they can connect to the web.

This unique teaching environment lets you deliver media-rich content, and offers many levels of interactivity. Synchronous video, audio, and text chat offer ways for teachers to communicate with students, and students to collaborate with one another during live classes. Better yet, record those classes for students who weren’t able to attend, or create self-paced tutorials they can take at any time.

Audio and video communication
Add your personality to your virtual learning environment
Engage more learners with live, multi-way audio streaming and real-time video streaming that can be accessed by all participants. You can also use our Virtual Classroom to interact and chat with students during live online sessions. Fullscreen video is available for easy viewing on a variety of display sizes.
Breakout rooms
Create groups within the classroom for more personalized instruction
Divide your students into smaller groups and place them in up to 5 breakout rooms for more personalized online learning. While students work, you can moderate each breakout session and even move students from room to room using management controls and the intuitive interface of our online platform.
Attendance reporting and notifications
Keep track of your students during the course
Notify students of upcoming classes, send reminders directly to their e-mail, and generate attendance and file access reports to easily assess student participation.
Text chat with students individually or in groups on our robust, e-learning platform.
Secure recording capabilities
Capture your sessions and reuse them as much as you like
Record lessons on the Virtual Classroom, including every audio/video input and multiple interactive online whiteboards. You can even reuse the recordings, share them with students, and track file access through weekly reports.
Teacher-managed control options
Retain control with your online classroom tools
Exercise complete control over the online platform or transfer control to selected students at any time during a Virtual Classroom session. You can also give students access to the platform’s interactive whiteboard, audio, and video controls, so that they, too, can share their video stream or desktop with the class.
Share most commonly used file types with students during your online class – including PDFs, Word documents, presentations, videos, and audio files.
Interactive whiteboards
Teach with online classroom tools
The online whiteboard tools are your biggest assets during a Virtual Classroom session. Just like a traditional blackboard, you can write notes, solve math problems, draw diagrams, use graphs for students, and more, during engaging, real-time e-classes.

WizIQ Virtual learning platform lets users join a classroom or attend a lecture in real time using an internet enabled device such as a computer or Mobile phone from anywhere across the globe. With our powerful platform’s features and range of useful tools, you can:

  1. Increase student engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, and advanced, interactive whiteboards.
  1. Integrate smoothly with your existing website or LMS using our APIs & plugins.
  1. Deliver live classes on-the-go from selected mobile devices.
  1. Manage your classes and students easily with handy features like Attendance Reporting, Recording, and Notifications.
  1. Reuse lectures recorded by using WizIQ’s recording and secure content facility.
  1. Access WizIQ from any internet browser, without downloading any software.

About the WizIQ/Dellcotech Partnership

Dellco Technologies Ltd is a Kenyan company that provides its clients with the best of the best when it comes to their ICT needs. We accomplish this by always analysing each client’s situation and coming up with a tailor-made solution.

WizIQ is a Concord, North Carolina, US based company with nearly 2 million registered users and more than one million monthly visitors. These two companies have entered into a partnership to bring the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and support to teachers and trainers in Kenya.